Eco2move Top Speed & RPM Limiter

Cap the top speed of your vehicles with the Eco2move Top Speed & RPM Limiter. It can be installed in most vehicles from 2005 fitted with an E-gas throttle. The Limiter is self-calibrating the top speed and RPM limit of the vehicle according to the requirements from the vehicle owner.

It can be set to any top speed and RPM limit and the advantages are fuel savings, reduction in vehicle wear and tear, reduced CO2 emissions and changed driver behavior.

The RPM limiter is ideal for situations where fleet vehicles are driving at lower speeds where the benefits of just a top speed limiter wouldn't come into effect.

Our customers have carried out independent tests into fuel consumption - all with a positive result. Many delivery vans burn 25% more fuel at 80 mph (130 km/h) than at 68 mph (110 km/h). That can translate into huge savings every year.

A leading van magazine achieved a 37% reduction in fuel use with our speed limiter installed, a figure which will dramatically bring down running costs over a typical three or four year period.